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31st Jan 2008

The Road Ahead

Road Ahead pre-quilting

“The Road Ahead,” pre-quilting, fused cottons, 8 1/2″ X 11″

This is my piece for the January Take It Further Challenge. The challenge was to use this color palette:

January Palette TIF

or the concept of admiration for a person.

I started with both, sort of, in working from a spot on the road between Los Alamos and Santa Fe where it seems one could go anywhere, thinking I could create the landscape in an abstract way with embroidered words describing people who make it possible for individuals to make a new beginning, such as “mothers, artists, teachers, dreamers,” etc. As I worked with the fabrics, though, I abandoned that idea and focused on the shapes and proportions and colors instead.

Here it is with quilting:

The Road Ahead with quilting

It’s not finished at the point, because my plan involves supplies that I don’t have on hand. I have not yet decided on an edge finish, but I will mount the whole thing on an artists’ canvas, painted with the title and a couple of poetic phrases yet to be chosen. Oh, darn, I’ll have to go to the art store.

Assuming this turns out the way I would like it to, it will be my donation piece for the silent auction held by the Empty Bowls Project here in Los Alamos, to benefit Self Help, Incorporated.

3 Responses to “The Road Ahead”

  1. Kay Susan Says:

    This is gorgeous! I especially like the coppery bit where the road goes over the hill, makes it look as if the light is shining on it and you know it goes somewhere really good!

  2. Dianne Crumbaker Says:

    Very nice - I want to see what’s over the rise in the road.

  3. Meg Says:

    This piece is so rich and clear, don’t forget to post when you have it mounted, I’m sure it will do well in the silent auction.

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