11th Aug 2008

The Flower Girl Dress

After a whirlwind of sewing and then traveling to something like nine states and visiting almost everyone in the world I could possibly be related to, I bring you the finished flower girl dress:


Silk dupioni flower girl dress, from the Pascal pattern printed in the Issue 114 - September/October 2007 of Sew Beautiful magazine, with hand embroidery and beading, modeled by the lovely Nora.

Here’s a closeup of the bodice with the ribbon, once the embroidery was done but before constructing the dress:


And the back, without the ribbon:


And the front of the whole dress just before packing it for the trip:

Dress Front

And the back:

Dress Back

And the all-important twirl test of more than 150″ of hem with two petticoats underneath:


Next I’ll show you the stole I made in one day (something I so do not recommend ever doing).

2 Responses to “The Flower Girl Dress”

  1. Ms. Theologian Says:

    It’s gorgeous! I particularly like the photo with her doing a little twirl!

  2. Jane "incredibly jealous" Dorn Says:

    Holy hemming, Batman, you are a wonderment. And you can also bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. I am dumbstruck. This is just beautiful. The arthritis I have in my thumbs makes even thinking about attempting something like this laughable. Just glorious. Wowie.

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